Galimier is a high quality fashion brand with a distinctly French aesthetics.


believe there should be no boundaries in fashion.  A woman has all the tools she needs to be elegant, to be graceful simply because she is woman.


Galimier is the motivation, the magic on your back to go out and be the light you are.  In each collection, I strive to create what one may say is bold, unique and new.  I love to try elements that have not been done before.


Passion, I am very passionate. Wonder, I love to wonder. Romance, I am a romantic. All of which will be the inspiration of each piece I design.  In every piece, I aim to create a sense of timelessness; a piece that can be worn today and 20 years from now.


am blessed to be able to share my vision, my world of wonder with you all.


Thank you from my entire heart


Lucky Galimier